Our Impact

We have been successful in housing street homeless, ex-offenders as well as refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine. We have made a positive start but have a long way to go.

Long-term solutions for lasting impact

Homelessness affects hundreds of thousands of adults and children across the country. And while over 5,000 people are currently sleeping rough, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because anyone that doesn’t have a safe, secure and affordable place to live – or is forced to move from sofa to sofa and hostel to hostel – can be considered homeless.

Our homes are our foundations.

Without a stable place to live, education is disrupted. Employment opportunities are limited. Futures are uncertain.

That’s why our work is about so much more than just the property; by transforming neglected houses into long-term homes, we have the chance to reshape communities and rebuild lives.

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A KeyStone success story

Single mother, Kate (name and photo have been changed) , lives in Liverpool with her two young daughters. Forced into temporary accommodation due to a difficult relationship, she turned to KeyStone for a permanent solution. After a brief message exchange, we set up a viewing and Kate loved the house – a semi-detached, two-bed in nearby Huyton.

Collaborating closely with the council – who were familiar with Kate’s situation and could attest to her good character – it took just under 4 weeks to get Kate moved in and enjoying a safe, newly-refurbished home.

The property

When we found the house, it had been sitting empty for a long period of time. The garden was full of rubbish, the kitchen and bathroom were unusable, broken windows were boarded up and there was evidence of drug use. The neighbours were understandably concerned and keen to see the property taken on.

With the funds raised from our investors, we were able to take care of all of these issues, bringing the house up to scratch – and up to safety standards within 4 weeks. The damage was fixed, waste was cleared and we even installed brand-new appliances from the council. All to create a welcoming home – and a fresh start – for a new family.

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