Our Approach

We believe that the solution to our housing crisis requires collaboration involving local authorities, social enterprises, charities and investors. That is why strong partnerships are at the heart of everything we do.

investing in housing and investing in people

Multiple systemic challenges

Local authorities simply don’t have the houses to meet demand. Most vulnerable families lack the means to move into private rental properties. Meanwhile, investors are seeking to have a real impact with their money and there are many volunteers determined to make an impact on this social issue. Surely there’s a way to connect the dots, to everyone’s advantage?

One smart solution

At KeyStone, we have been working with local authorities and investors to move vulnerable families off the council waiting list and into a safe, secure home. We manage the process end-to-end using technology: purchasing, renovating, renting, and leasing properties, to provide a sustainable roof over families’ heads. Our network of volunteers then step in to provide residents with education and support them to find employment.

How does it work?

Nationwide experience, local expertise
Working across the country, we’ve developed relationships with local authorities in each region. We combine their knowledge with our data models to identify the right properties, and draw on their professional expertise, to get the process moving. Fast.
Money matters
To purchase a property, we set up a limited company and secure the investment funds required for the purchase and renovation of the building.
From empty house to long-term home
The houses we buy have usually been empty for some time. We’ll take care of any remedial work needed – in line with local government requirements – to transform this unloved space into a brand-new start for someone in need. All in a matter of weeks leveraging a standardised repeatable model.
Giving back
Once the home is ready, we hand over the keys to the local authority on a long-term basis enabling them to move people out of temporary accommodation. The Council provides a guaranteed fixed monthly rent at affordable or social rates and returns the property back to us in the same condition at the end of the lease period. Our network of volunteers then provide residents with interview practice, CV writing, job applications and 1-2-1 tuition to help them break their dependence on government benefits.


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