Housing investment that builds futures

In the UK thousands of people lack a safe affordable place to live while rents continue to increase and worsen the problem. At KeyStone we are working to increase the supply of homes to those who need them most. With the help of socially minded investors and forward-thinking councils we purchase and renovate homes solely for the most vulnerable in our society.

The scale of the problem requires a transformative approach

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Children living in temporary accommodation
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Households stuck on waiting lists
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We understand that a safe place to live is only the beginning of a brighter future. That’s why we continue to offer families support and training to get back on their feet.


We partner with local authorities throughout the country to provide safe, affordable long-term homes


We provide adults the necessary training to develop key skills and provide them employment in order to break their reliance on benefits


From job specific training to support with job applications, interview practice and tutoring for children, we offer adults and children the skills to boost confidence and open opportunities.

Our sustainable development goals